March 31, 2009

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First of all, Heylow gueys… Long time no see… hehehehe…
Have been off from this page for many days (I do mean MANY) and I am fully aware that I need to post something or anything under the sun and moon too. I have always loved the moon rather than the sun. *smile* Why? Well, I don’t think that people are interested though.
So… errr… *thinking*
Yeah!! DING!!
Here comes the time where we, the students, celebrate and welcome the tests and quizzes weeks. After that, comes the icing of the chocolate moist cake (I mean important yeah… Icing is important especially chocolate ones… *mouth waters*), the final exams. Sigh. Yet the semester break, the most anticipated time pops after that, 2 months break is definitely enough for us to store fat before we come back to UMP and strive for our lives with café food.

Back to my original main point with weeks of headaches, migraines, burning oils, pimples, eyebags, etc armed with pens and pencils, to go for those unexpected, unpredictable, unacceptable, unforeseeable, unbelievable, surprisingly (I am trying to lengthen my post here, heheheh) and utterly errr horrible and nerve wreaking thing called love. AIKS… Eh… Eh… EXAMS… kikikikiki… I am always like this, not always straight to the point when I am writing (some professional peoples commented about this…), but it’s nice knowing that people would read what I write.

AGAIN back to real topic (this one gotta be real!! I know people already cursing under their breath…), TESTS and EXAMS… WHAT do I want to share with all INTELL’s blog readerssssss?
Well, STUDY TIPS!! Not the typical normal one yeah! Let have a laugh with the weird ones and maybe it will gives an idea of how are you going to study for this final exams! (I thought of all the tips, I tried to searched online but found nothing… So, here it goes… Feel free to add you own weird and cynical ways of studying…)

1) Shake your head from left to right throughout the time you study (so that the info that you read blends well with you brain).
2) Eats pencils or pens that you use to write and to answer your notes and exercises, it knows what you are supposed to write and remember. If people would do that, you will see me selling pens and pencils at café yeah!!
3) Watch youtube while studying. Erk, that’s not weird! But it is when UMP blocked the webpage, you will be watching ‘302 access denied’ the whole time!!
4) Study with an upside-down book.
5) Study upside-down.
6) Study in your locker.
7) I am out of idea…
8) Talk to the book you are reading. Ask a question and wait for it to answer it.
9) Study on the toilet bowl.
10) Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ to the book you are reading for 9999 times before starts.
11) Study from 12am to 6 am and sleep in the class. Is this weird?
12) Spell every letters when you are reading. Then, enter SPELL IT RIGHT next year…
13) Sleep 20 hours with books under your pillow.
14) Enter Minutes To Fame and scream ‘I LOVE MATHS’ for 30 seconds (applicable for all subjects).
15) I am dizzy…
16) Study with a plaster on both of your eyes.
17) Chant this tongue twister ‘sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick’ CORRECTLY after every sentence you read.
18) Find a word in the English language rhymes with “MONTH” you start your study sessions, you will get full mark! (by the way, I forgot to tell you that no word rhymes with it…)
19) Bang your head while you study, you can burn calories too! 150 calories per hour!
20) I am really out of idea…

I hope you enjoy my post…
Till then…


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