March 21, 2014

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Hello there! How’s your day? We were fine here! Especially on 15 March 2014. 
Why? Recently, an event called Fun In Learning English was held! 
Where? In Universiti Malaysia Pahang! 
Yes! That awesome university people’s been talking about.
Let me share some of the notable activities held during this event which was in collaboration with CMLHS and SK SENTOSA, MARAN.

These are their teachers. Quite sporting actually.
Opening Ceremony was attended by Dean of Centre of Modern Languages and Human Science (CMLHS).
Then, breakfast for participants and setting up the games for them.
We had 10 booths for 1st session of the FILE.
Some of our awesome akak n abang facilitators.

It was quite organized and attractive decorations for each booths.
The students enjoyed themselves pretty much. Although there’s some mistakes and lacking of ideas for the games to make it more interesting. The adorable students were rather attentive to the upcoming challenges we set up for them.
Facilitators in which were Intelligentsia Club members, made the day possible by participating actively during the event. Also, seeing the smiles and giggles of the students were absolutely glorious.

Adik-adik from SK Sentosa.


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